Why choose the EMC Decon-Systems?

EMC Decon-Systems are designed for rapid deployment within seconds of arriving on scene. The systems are compact in design for easy stowage and can be easily transported to the scene of any incident. There is essentially no assembly required. The Mass-Decon Shelters, Cabins, Showers, and Basins can be completely erected, ready to use, in two minutes time. The system can be inflated by means of compressed air from an air cylinder or from an electric blower (inflator/deflator). Once the system is erected simply connected the water hose to the shower and the system is ready to use. There are no PVC pipes to assemble or partitions to construct. This simple “no assembly required” design is ideal for fast and easy deployment of the Decon-System. 

There are a variety of systems and accessories available offering varying degrees of capability. The system best suited for your requirement may depend on your particular agency. 

If you are a Hospital, any of the Decon-Systems offered would be ideally suited for your agency. However, a Hospital may not require any of the water supply accessories as there is usually a water supply connection available from the building. A Hospital would need to consider some of the wastewater containment accessories such as the waste pump and fluid collection bags. The Military, FEMA Teams, Fire Departments, and First Responder Emergency Crews, would need to consider a more complete system including the water supply and waste water containment accessories as these agencies may respond to remote locations and would need a complete self contained system.

Other issues should be considered as well. The Deko Circle used with the Deko pool or basins, does not provide any degree of privacy to those victims of a public incident, etc. They are ideal for decontamination of rescue personnel wearing hazmat suits. In addition, there is no protection for over spray on windy days. In this case, a Mass Decon-Shelter or Cabin system might prove to be better suited for this incident. The Airshelter supplied with the Mass-Decon System offers 6 curtained partitioned areas for undress and redress. In the case of the Decon Cabin/Basin it is completely enclosed and can be used in conjunction with our Quick Screen Partitions to provide areas for undress and redress. 

You should also consider capacity. Single shower systems can usually provide decontamination of up to 80 persons per hour. The mass decon systems offering dual shower assemblies can provide decontamination of up to 160 persons per hour. 

The Water Supply and Wastewater Containment System provides everything needed for a complete self-contained decon system. You only need to supply water. 

EMC Decon Systems are the most affordable and complete systems available. They are the easiest to store, transport and assemble. Please review our line of unique products and contact us to assist you with your requirement. We are very experienced in outfitting many different agencies with decon systems to ideally suit their specific needs. 

Schematic of typical Mass Decon Setup

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